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This fluffy and light natural grained leather is achieved by a special milling process that allows the grain to surface naturally, providing the leather with a soft, supple hand and natural pebbled texture.   

Our most popular heavyweight leather exhibits a grain that has been slightly tipped with a sheen to give the leather true radiance.    
A fine transparent finish further protects the leather and allows for depth and variation of color. A true aficionado’s leather.
Content Half-Grain, Semi-Aniline, Buffed
Finish Solid & Two-Tone
Raw Material South American
Average Hide Size 50 FT2
Clean Soft Cleaner
Protect Protection Cream

FEB 2016: the Dublin Almond has been transitioned into the Bull line.  

Leather is a natural product. Distinctive markings and nuances in its texture and colour are natural in occurrence and a testatment to its authenticity.  

available COLOURS

Property Test Method Result
Average Thickness EN ISO 2589 1,2 - 1,4 mm
Tensile Strength ISO 3376 40-70%
Elongation at Break ISO 3376 35-70% Range
Tear Strength EN ISO 3377-1 >20 N
Flexing Endurance (after 20,000 flex) EN ISO 5402 No Damage
Colour Fastness to Artificial Light (Xenotest 72 Hrs.) ISO 105-B02 min. 4 (Blue Scale)
Colour Fastness to Rubbing (500 Dry Rubs, 200 Wet Rubs) EN ISO 11640 , EN ISO 11640 min. 4 (Grey Scale), min. 3/4 (Grey Scale)
Finishing Adhesion EN ISO 11644 > 3N/cm
Determination of pH EN ISO 4050 min 3, se pH <4, pH <0.7
Ignitability BS 5852-0 (Cigarette) BS 5852:1979 Pass
Ignitability BS 5852-1 (Match) BS EN 1021-1-2:2006 Pass
Fire & Burning Behaviour Cigarette & Match Flame ISO 3795 / SAE J 369 Self Extinguish
California Technical Cal Tech Bulletin 117 Pass
Cigarette Ignition Resistance UFAC/NFPA 260 Class 1
Boston Fire Dept BFD IX-I Pass
Wyzenbeek - (Oscillatory Cylinder Method) @ 70,000 cycles ASTM D 4157.010 Pass