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Offering a traditional appeal featuring a rich mix of color, the Lodge collection consists of aniline dyed hides that are imparted with a slightly cracked effect to enhance the look and rich base colour. 

The saturation of oil and wax gives each Lodge hide a waxy hand coupled with a rich color burst. 

Every hide will have an individual personality with the evident touches of mother nature.

Content Top Grain, Aniline
Finish Crackle Effect, Wax Pull Up
Raw Material South American
Average Hide Size 50 FT2
Clean Soft Cleaner
Protect Protection Cream


Leather is a natural product. Distinctive markings and nuances in its texture and colour are natural in occurrence and a testatment to its authenticity.

Cuttings for approval (CFAs) are recommended for this leather. Expect slight color variation from dye lot to dye lot.

NOTE: Due to color variations on different monitors and color printers, before making exact color and texture matches, we recommend that you request an actual sample to ensure proper color representation as many monitors cannot display colors accuractly. CTL Leather is not responsible for color selections made from this website.

available COLOURS

Property Test Method Result
Average Thickness ISO 2589 0.9 - 1.1 mm
Tensile Strength ISO 3376 na
Elongation at Break ISO 3376 Traction > 11N/mmsq.
Tear Strength ISO 3377-2 > 40/Nmm
Flexing Endurance ISO 5402 No Visible Cracking
Colour Fastness to Artificial Light (Xenotest 72 Hrs.) ISO 105 B 02 3/4 (Grey Scale)
Colour Fastness to Rubbing (50 Dry Rubs, 20 Wet Rubs) ISO 11640 , ISO 11640 50 Cycles, 20 Cycles
California Technical Cal Tech Bulletin 117-2013 Class 1
Cigarette Ignition Resistance UFAC/NFPA 260 Class 1
Boston Fire Dept BFD IX-I Pass
Wyzenbeek - (Oscillatory Cylinder Method) @ 3,000 cycles ASTM D 4157.13 Pass