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leather by category

Classic Classic Timeless functional leather, consistent colour ranges in smooth & grainy textures. Ideal for high traffic purposes and a variety of industry applications.
Essential Essential Natural raised grains and hand wipes, tipped to delicate soft surfaces to dress any room or industry.
Prestige Prestige Elegant smooth finishes providing depth and character with various finishes, two tone colourations and structures.
Premium Premium European beauty with waxes and oils highlighting the richness and character of each hide (lot cuttings recommended).
Vintage Vintage Vintage leather articles ideal for the practical to the understated.
Veg Tan Veg Tan Old-world artisanal leathers produced via the tannic acids naturally found in plant species.
Contract & Hospitality Contract & Hospitality Plentiful in colour, and designed for suitability for all industry needs.
Hair-on Hair-on Fashioned from hand-selected Brazilian and European cowhides, hides are available in classic patterns in rich, neutral shades.
Embossed Embossed A variety of CTL's leather hides that have been embossed with pattern designs using steel engraved plates.
Leather Care Leather Care Leather care products to clean, protect and rejuvenate your leather articles.
Limited Editions Limited Editions A mixed bag of leather hides available while quantities last.
Marine Marine Marine leathers