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For centuries leather has contributed to the quality of our everyday lives and today is used in everything from children’s shoes to aircraft seats. Today, the global leather market is a $20 to $22 billion dollar market. Approximately 50% of all leather produced is used in the manufacturing of footwear, 15% in the automotive industry, 12% in upholstery, 8% in garment, 5% in gloves, with the remaining 10% in various industries.

Leather is a renewable natural resource which, if not produced, would have to be replaced by synthetic materials derived from non-renewable resources. For its raw materials, the tanning industry is entirely dependent on cattle hides, sheep skins, as well as a small number of goat and other skins; which if not processed into leather, would create an enormous waste disposal problem and accompanying health hazards.

For the tannery, raw material quality is of prime concern the world over as the raw hides and skins represent 50% to 60% of the cost of producing a piece of leather. A tannery’s efficiency and profitability depends, in large part on: 

Like all natural products, leather is not always perfect. The quality of the hide or skin is largely related to:

Leather is one of the oldest, most durable materials known to man. Some characteristics of leather material as whole: