Care & Maintenance

Leather is a versatile and durable material with a wide range of desirable attributes including, flexibility, strength, and breathability. It can also be treated to be resistant to both heat and water.

With proper care, quality leather products will maintain their look and feel over long periods of time. However, the correct method of care may vary depending on the type of leather.

Use the following tips to care for your leather furniture and garments:

  • Regular dusting and wiping for most leathers is sufficient to keep them clean. Occasional wiping with a moist cloth is also recommended.
  • If the leather becomes soiled with beverages or other liquids, a light damp cloth or chamois with lukewarm water should be used to blot out the stain. If this does not work, a mild soap and water solution should be mixed and then blotted to remove the stain. The leather should then be dried gently using a cloth. Some leathers may not be suitable for this type of cleaning, so it always recommended to spot test this method.
  • For full aniline leathers, regular vacuuming with a soft brush is recommended. Do not use water or other liquids.
  • Leathers with no protective film on the surface such as nubuck or suede leathers, are more susceptible to soiling and staining. For these leathers, blot excess liquid immediately with a clean, absorbent cloth or sponge. For grease, oil or butter stains, do not use water to remove the stain as this will only drive the stain deeper. It is best to wipe up any excess oil with a dry white cloth and then leave it alone to dissipate into the leather.
  • If you plan to use a leather cleaning kit, the directions on the package should be followed.
  • Never use shoe polish, vinegar, saddle soap or any other chemical substance to clean leather. If you have damaged leather, contact a professional cleaner.

Please contact us if you have further questions or concerns.

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