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Inspired by the colors of Brazil, Rio is a soft and silky pearlized leather expressed in a palette of sensual, vibrant colors designed to bring richness and flair to interiors and leather accessories.

Great colors to add to any room and wonderful accents to any fabric upholstered pieces.

TextureNatural Grain Smooth, Semi Shine, Solid Pearlized
FinishSolid, Shine
ContentPigmented, Slightly Buffed
Raw MaterialSouth American
Avg Hide Size50 FT2
CleanSoft Cleaner
ProtectProtection Cream

Leather is a natural product. Distinctive markings and nuances in its texture and color are natural in occurrence and a testament to its authenticity.

Swatches give a general idea of the color reference of the hide & dye lot, but are NOT expected to be an exact colour reference.

NOTE: Due to color variations on different monitors and color printers, before making exact color and texture matches, we recommend that you request an actual sample to ensure proper color representation as many monitors cannot display colors accurately. CTL Leather is not responsible for color selections made from this website or in lieu of requesting CFAs when applicable.

Additional Resources

Lookbook – Download (.pdf)

Fire Certificate – Download(.pdf)

Technical Specifications

PropertyTest MethodResult
Average ThicknessISO 25890.8 - 1.0mm
Tensile StrengthISO 3376≥ 10 N/mm2
Elongation at BreakISO 3376Min 35%
Tear StrengthISO 3377≥ 40 N/mm
Flexing Endurance (after 20,000)ISO 5402No Damage
Color Fastness to Artificial Light (Xenotest 72hrs)ISO 105 B 02Min 4 (Blue Scale)
Color Fastness to Rubbing (500 Dry Rubs, 80 Wet Rubs)ISO 11640, ISO 116404, 4 (Grey Scale)
Color Fastness to Rubbing (20 Sweat)ISO 116414 (Grey Scale)
Finish AdhesionISO 11644> 3 N/cm
Determination of pHISO 4050OK, Min 3.2
Ignitability BS 5852-0 (Cigarette)BS 5852:1979Pass
Ignitability BS 5852-1 (Match)BS EN 1021-1-2:2006Pass
California TechnicalCal Tech Bulletin 117Class 1
Cigarette Ignition ResistanceUFAC/NFPA 260Class 1
Wyzenbeek - (Oscillatory Cylinder Method) @ 100,000 cyclesASTM D 4157.07Pass