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Whether for interior seating, steering wheels (OEM or aftermarket), our Automotive leather must first and foremost withstand hard wear and tear in the field, ensuring only the best in quality control by our suppliers.

Our automotive leather is the product of many years of close collaboration with the our suppliers and some of the biggest names within the automotive industry.

Our knowledge of the industry’s very high demands has had a major impact on how we process the leather, which provides the capability to match any industry specification.

TextureMatte, Smooth Grain, Solid

Additional Resources

Fire Certificate – Download(.pdf)

Perforation Size – Download(.pdf)

Technical Specifications

PropertyTest MethodResult
Average ThicknessASTM D 18131.21MM
Breaking StrengthASTM D2208777,38N
Elongation at 400NASTM D220956,76%
Tear StrengthASTM D573387,55
Seam Fatigue ResistanceFLTM BN 106-023,00MM
StiffnessIUP 364,20MM
Resistance to FadingSAE J 1885 225.6 KJ/m24/5 GS
Resistance to Heat Aging7 days - 100°C /- 2°C4/5GS
Soiling & CleanabilityFLTM BN 112-08 - Synthetic Soil4/5GS
Soiling & CleanabilityFLTM BN 112-08 - Grease5GS
Soiling & CleanabilityFLTM BN 112-08 - Orange Juice4/5GS
Soiling & CleanabilityFLTM BN 112-08 - Coffee4/5GS
Soiling & CleanabilityFLTM BN 112-08 - Ketchup4/5GS
Resistance to Cleaning AgentsFLTM BN 107-01 - Window Cleaner with Ammonia4/5GS
Resistance to Cleaning AgentsFLTM BN 107-01 - All-Purpose Cleaner4/5GS
Resistance to Cleaning AgentsFLTM BN 107-01 - IPA 50%4GS
Resistance to CrockingFLTM BN 107-01 - Dry4/5GS
Resistance to CrockingFLTM BN 107-01 - Wet4/5GS
Resistance to FlexingDIN 53351 - In the cold at -10°C; 30,000 foldingsPASSED
Resistance to FlexingDIN 53351 - Dry; 100,000 foldingsPASSED
Taber TestASTM D 3884 - 500 Cycles CS10 1 KgPASSED
Taber TestASTM D 3884 - 300 Cycles H18 500gPASSED
Wet Rubbing 1000 CyclesDIN 533 394/5GS
Resistance to ScuffingSAE J3656 GRADE
OdorFLTM BO 131-032
ShrinkageFLTM BN 105-033.69%