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A favorite of the high end leather users, these exceptional hides are made from the finest south German raw material creating a pure full grain aniline for the true leather enthusiast.

With a smooth, silky and pristine grain, SoHo is all about the “natural look” which will show all of nature’s hallmarks beautifully and will develop a patina over time and with use. Dyed for color using an environmentally friendly water-based process that gives SoHo its extremely nice hand. SoHo is then vacuum dried to provide a flat, smooth grain and natural sheen.

Color variation should be expected from the swatch to the actual leather, and one should expect color variation between dye lots, and between and within each hide.

May 2024: Please note that the color SOHO BAMBOO has been discontinued.

TypeAniline, Oil & Wax Pull Ups
TextureMatte, Natural Grain Smooth, Solid
ContentPure Aniline
Raw MaterialGerman
Avg Hide Size55 FT2
CleanSoft Cleaner
ProtectProtection Cream

Leather is a natural product. Distinctive markings and nuances in its texture and color are natural in occurrence and a testament to its authenticity.

Cuttings for approval (CFAs) are recommended for this leather. Expect slight color variation & textures from each hide and dye lot to dye lot. If you opt out of the CFA process, CTL Leather is not responsible for color selections made from swatches.

CFA’s are cuttings to give a general idea of the color reference of the hide & dye lot, but are NOT expected to be an exact colour reference. Dye lot variation is a feature of working with pure anilines, semi anilines and wax pull up leathers and must be understood.

NOTE: Due to color variations on different monitors and color printers, before making exact color and texture matches, we recommend that you request an actual sample to ensure proper color representation as many monitors cannot display colors accurately. CTL Leather is not responsible for color selections made from this website or in lieu of requesting CFAs.

Additional Resources

Lookbook – Download(.pdf)

Fire Certificate – Download(.pdf)

Technical Specifications

PropertyTest MethodResult
Average ThicknessISO 25891.0 - 1.2 mm
Color Fastness to Artificial LightISO 105 B 02≥ 3
Color Fastness to Rubbing (50 Dry Rubs, 20 Wet Rubs)ISO 11640≥ 3
Tear StrengthDIN 53 329-2/82≥ 20 N
Flexing Endurance (20,000 cycles)ISO 5402Pass
Fire & Burning Behaviour (Cigarette & Match)UNI EN ISO 1021-1/2Pass
California Technical BulletinCal Tech Bulletin 117:2013Pass
Water Repellency: Spray TestAATCC #22-201082
Soil Release: Oily Stain Release MethodAATCC #130-2015Vegetable Oil (Grade 1), Red Wine (Grade 3)
REACH1907/2006/ECDoes not contain any restricted substances listed in Annex XVII, or any SVHCs listed on current candidate list on ECHA website